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OK, so the “man” in me had an amazing weekend.  My wife left Saturday morning to a shopping trip with her friend.  So, it was just me and the dogs, doing the honey-do list and watching movies.  I decided to head to the gun show with my buddy Sean to ponder some cool stuff.  Then, I watched the Bison game with my in-laws and friends….Back-to-Back National Champs!  To cap off the Super Saturday, Sean and I drove to Grand Forks to watch the Fighting Sioux beat Holy Cross while we glanced at the TVs playing the Vikings playoff game.  A sweep for the Sioux, and my beloved Vikes will be golfing this week….. too bad, it could’ve been epic!

After Super Saturday came Scurry Sunday, as I raced to complete my honey-do list before my wife returned.  Laundry, cleaning, Christmas take-down, etc…. I made it in the nick of time.

I hope all is well… Go Sioux!

Pete DDS