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Do you wish that you could shorten long teeth, smooth chips, and alter the appearance of irregularly-shaped teeth? You can when you visit our dentist for a cosmetic tooth contouring procedure. Through this service, we will remove small amount of tooth enamel in order to reshape your smile. Tooth contouring is usually completed through the following steps.

  • We will take X-rays of your teeth to make sure they are healthy enough to be contoured. Patients with thin enamel should not have their teeth reshaped because it can make their teeth sensitive as well as weaker and more vulnerable to dental problems.
  • You and our dentist will discuss the changes you want made to your smile. Our dentist may mark the areas on your teeth with a marker so you can see these changes.
  • We will remove tooth enamel using either a laser or a drill. We will usually only remove 1 mm of enamel at the most so your smile can stay healthy. This procedure is quick and usually does not require the use of a local anesthetic.
  • Our dentist will smooth and polish your teeth, making any needed, last-minute adjustments.

We can fix cosmetic flaws and balance your bite with a tooth contouring procedure. Call our team at (701) 478-4500 if you want to schedule an appointment for this service.