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Special thanks to B.Y. who stopped in yesterday.  He had a tooth that was bothering him.  We took care of it.  End of story?  Not even close.

B.Y. was recently diagnosed with Type II diabetes, and is also a smoker.  Since his diagnosis, he has been making changes in his diet and lifestyle to improve his health, and potentially eliminate the need for medication.  In addition, he hadn’t seen a dentist in over 15 years!  I informed him that the number one risk factor for periodontal disease was smoking.  He was astonished!  I also told him that there is a strong correlation between gum disease and diabetes.  Again, his eyes wide open.

We provided him with a treatment plan to get his gums back to health, and he is really excited! My staff and I are just as excited, as we get to help him in his journey back to health!

If you want to read up on perio disease and diabetes, or any other topic, the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA) is a great resource.  Here is a link: