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Greetings to all!  I am happy to report that I have returned from my annual snow goose hunting trip in Saskatchewan, Canada.  Although I love practicing dentistry in Fargo, another passion of mine is hunting.  I love waterfowl hunting because of the strategy involved.  If your decoys don’t look good, ducks and geese will laugh at you!

I was accompanied by my brothers, Brian and Chris, my Dad, dental school roommate, Justin, his father, Ted, and a couple friends Steve and Paul.  The eleven hour drive to SK seems like nothing when you have been preparing for months!  However, I did forget rubber gloves for clean birds.  A local dentist was gracious in providing a box for us…. It’s nice to have some dental brethren scattered around North America.

The hunting was great!  As always, the geese put on quite a show…. rising off their roost waters at sunrise on the move for food.  The numbers are truly striking. We harvested snow geese, Canada geese, Specklebelly/Whitefront geese, and plenty of ducks.  We were fortunate in this trip to not only help save the Canadian tundra, but also help families in need.  We donated some of our geese to a local food bank.  They were so appreciative, and excited to distribute our donations to families who can’t afford protein sources on a regular basis.

So, it is back to the office!  Hope to see you soon….it’s great to be back home in Fargo!

Pete DDS