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X-Rays are very important to dentists and patients. They allow dentists to discover issues that would be invisible to the naked eye. But have you heard that dentists could recommend more frequent X-rays depending on your circumstances? We’re here to provide you with a list of patients who need X-rays more commonly than others.

Your Kids: Children typically need X-rays more frequently than adults because their smile is still developing. Dentists use X-rays to look for plaque and to ensure that teeth won’t become impacted (stuck below their gums) or come in wrong.

Someone With Dental Work: If you’ve had a good deal of work on your smile, X-rays may be useful for finding decay and other problems behind your restorations. Having these X-Rays is important for identifying problems in your smile before they cause serious damage.

Dry Mouth: Also known as dry mouth, Xerostomia is a symptom, not a disease. If you suffer from Xerostomia, your saliva flow is reduced or even non-existent. This can be a problem since saliva helps fight off tooth decay. If you have Xerostomia, your dentist could recommend more frequent X-rays to monitor signs of decay.

If you are interested in learning more about why some patients need more X-rays, please contact your dentist. They can to give you more personalized advice. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you are interested in scheduling an appointment with our team.