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Oral piercings in the tongue, lips, and cheeks may seem like a cool fashion trend, but when you look at the effects they can have have on oral health, you may want to stick to being a nerd.

  1. The tongue contains many blood vessels, so if you get a piercing there, then you may suffer from uncontrolled bleeding.
  2. A piercing obviously causes wounds to the oral tissue at the placement area, but it can also scratch other tissues in the mouth.
  3. Because the mouth is full of oral bacteria, the oral piercing site is very susceptible to infection. Blood poisoning can also occur as a result of a piercing.
  4. You may experience increased saliva flow and drooling after getting an oral piercing.
  5. A piercing can wear, chip, and crack your teeth, causing malocclusion over time.
  6. Oral piercings alter your ability to speak and chew well.
  7. You may experience nerve damage that causes numbness after getting an oral piercing.

Please call our dentist if you want to learn more about the possible effects of oral piercings. Even if you follow proper care instructions for the piercing and keep great oral hygiene, you may still suffer negative consequences.